Are you looking for the way to actually achieve some positive changes in your life and feel better, rather than just talking about it? I am excited to offer you solutions to problems that other approaches simply can’t shift. Get the results you want quickly, easily and naturally. I can help you to …

  • rsz_kerrie_dsc_0443Find peace from food anxiety and disordered eating, including orthorexia (an unhealthy fixation on eating only healthy or “pure” foods)
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Get ‘unstuck’
  • Grief and loss
  • Release hoarding/clutter and the anxiety that feeds it
  • Change habits
  • Shopping addiction
  • Fears
  • Heal old hurts
  • Ease pain

But this list is not all that I offer so please enquire about your particular issue as I have a wide range of clinical experience and have helped hundreds of women achieve the results they need to enjoy happier and healthier lives. It’s my policy to ensure that you leave your sessions feeling much better than when you started, inspired and motivated to create some wonderful changes for yourself.

Please feel welcome to contact me either by phone or email for a confidential chat about how I can assist you.

Phone 0404 266 999

Office at Bondi Junction 

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